EASA Employee Assistance

EASA as an award-winning EAP provides:

Welcome to Employee Assistance Services Australia (EASA Employee Assistance).
Australia wide, locally provided. A better value EAP. Australian owned with International Partners.

EASA assists business and industry to bring out the best in their people by providing Employee Assistance Programs that work.

EASA offers much more than counselling after a crisis. We partner with employers to deliver proactive programs that focus on employee wellbeing, resilience, and a positive company culture.

EAP education is a crucial component of our preventative model – information, advice and training helps employee issues to be recognised before they impact on performance. This has proven to be highly effective in reducing sickness, absenteeism, LTI’s, accidents and workers compensation claims.

When issues do arise, EASA offers the support and services that managers, employees and their families need.

As an Australian-owned provider with 25 years direct EAP experience, we understand the human resource challenges faced by Australian business and industry, and are adept at tailoring employee assistance services to each workplace’s unique requirements.

EASA’s professional EAP services make a practical and measurable difference to workplaces of all sizes. Based in the Hunter Valley NSW, we offer Australia-wide coverage via our associate network as well as New Zealand coverage via EAP specialist and partner EAPworks.

EAP for Resources and Mining

EASA is well recognised in the NSW Resources & Mining sectors as an EAP specialist. In these workplaces, key elements of our programming is introducing proactive strategies designed to build employee resilience, and identify employee stress before it impacts on individual and workforce productivity, together with the appointment of a dedicated counsellor to each site.

Employee Assistance for Industry

Research shows that employees in large or industrial work cultures are more likely to seek assistance early if they know or have been introduced to their provider. Our optional site visits build awareness of the EAP, and influence take-up rates – utlimately benefiting both the individual and the employer.

EAP Programs for the Corporate Sector

Employees are far more productive when their personal and work lives are not impacted by stress, anxiety and unforeseen challenges and crises. EASA’s EAPs for corporations and SMEs, includes support and assistance for a range of work-related or personal issues – benefiting both the individual and the organisation.

EAP Education and Training

EASA delivers EAP learning and development solutions at the organisational, workplace or employee level to build new skills and develop capability throughout the organisation. The modular structure means training can be customised to each forum: specific work, health and life learning workshops; staff development programs; and leadership seminars.

Why Use an EAP?

An EAP achieves positive outcomes for employers and their employees.

Professional Network

EASA has a national network of accredited counsellors and trainers.

Awards & Accolades

We are an award-winning, respected Australian EAP provider.

Our NZ Partner

An alliance with EAPworks ensures trans-Tasman coverage.