Our Partners

EASA has established a national network of accredited CIMA and ICISF trained counsellors and trainers allowing us to provide organisational-wide solutions to Australian clients as well as service clients in interstate or remote locations.

For Australian counsellling services, we use accredited partner Absolutely Confidential Counselling. EAP coverage extends across the Tasman via our exclusive alliance with Raise (formerly EAPworks), a leading EAP provider in New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand clients of either EASA or Raise (formerly EAPworks) can access the alliance network, greatly benefiting client organisations with trans-Tasman operations or who employ personnel from either country. EASA is one of the few Australian-owned and independent EAP providers that offers complete Australia-wide and NZ-coverage.

Absolutely Confidential Counselling, our Australian partner for general counselling services.

ACC has a national network of counsellors providing private, professional counselling for adults, couples, families, adolescents, children, or groups who may be experiencing personal, family, relationship, health or workplace difficulties.

ACC also offers life coaching and mentorship to help individuals identify and attain personal goals.

EAPworks, our New Zealand partner for professional EAP services.

Raise (formerly EAPworks) provides New Zealand employees professional strategies and interventions for personal and workplace issues around wellness, health and safety, enhanced workplace relationships and performance, careers, and morale.

Raise (formerly EAPworks) early-intervention EAP programmes promote and enhance engagement and positive workplace culture in work communities throughout New Zealand.