EASA works with each of our client organisations to understand their business and how they operate from an WH&S and HR perspective.

This allows us to tailor a package that addresses the overarching EAP objectives of the business and the needs of each worksite. By listening to an organisation’s individual needs and goals, we’re able to recommend and implement the best workplace education and support solutions for your workforce along with the best-matched facilitators, coaches and mediators. The flexibility of our program ensures that employers only pay for the services that they use and need.
A tailored EAP package is matched to each employer’s specific needs from the following elements.

For management:

• EAP planning
• Management assistance services
• Coaching and mentoring
• 24/7 telephone support
• Education and training workshops
• Critical incident response management.

For employees and their families:

• Workplace and offsite counselling
• Telephone counselling
• Crisis counselling and support: 24/7 x 365
• Trauma support
• Critical incident stress management
• Pastoral support
• Referrals
• Emergency accommodation.

Standard inclusions:

• Dedicated EASA point of contact
• Induction and awareness
• Regular reporting
• Access to online resources
• Access to EASA’s Australian and New Zealand partner network.


Regular reporting allows management to assess program penetration, identify trends and prepare proactive and preventative strategies.

Our reporting suite incorporates comprehensive EAP usage data and recommendations to management.

  • Program access statistics
  • Participant demographics
  • Participant categorisation e.g. preventative, interventional, sustained
  • Issues addressed
  • Outcomes and resolutions
  • Organisational trends
  • Recommendations
  • Formal debriefing following critical incident response.

As the EAP service is strictly confidential, individual employees are not identified in any reporting or feedback to management.