EASA – the EAP Specialist

EASA is an independently-owned, industry-leading EAP provider. Managing Director Craig Willmott has specialised in EAP for 25 years. Our consultants and providers offer substantial experience in the direct implementation of EAP services for workforces across New South Wales, throughout Australia, and into New Zealand via our NZ partner.

We have a proven track record in the development and delivery of effective EAP solutions and have compelling, direct evidence that our EAP achieves:

  • Higher production and performance
  • Reduced absenteeism, sickness and LTIs.


By partnering with EASA, employers can be assured that we have the professionalism, experience and specialist knowledge as well as the infrastructure and personnel to deliver high-quality and meaningful EAP services to their employees, with Australia-wide coverage. This is why many employers retain EASA as their EAP provider of choice.

An EAP that is Proactive, Comprehensive + Flexible

Our service differs from many other EAP programmes because we take a proactive approach to employee assistance focussing equally on preventing issues before they impact on employee performance and the workplace, as well as the implementation of appropriate responses to such issues.

Our EAP incorporates:

  • Proactive and preventive workplace programs promoting a positive, supportive, responsive and productive company culture; plus
  • Prompt interventions for the detection and resolution of specific work or personal problems that may adversely affect an employee’s performance and wellbeing and the wider workplace.


As EASA recognises that every workplace is different, we will customise an EAP solution to suit individual organisational, worksite and workforce requirements. By listening to an organisation’s individual needs and goals, we’re able to recommend and implement the best workplace education and support solutions for your workforce along with the best-matched facilitators, coaches and mediators.

The flexibility of our program suite ensures that employers only pay for the services that they need.

Australia and NZ-wide Coverage

EASA has an established national network of accredited CIMA and ICISF trained counsellors and trainers allowing us to provide organisational-wide solutions to national clients as well as service clients in interstate or remote locations.

Our service coverage extends across the Tasman via our exclusive alliance with Raise (formerly EAPworks), a leading EAP provider in New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand clients of either EASA or Raise (formerly EAPworks) can access the alliance network, greatly benefiting client organisations with trans-Tasman operations or who employ personnel from either country.

EASA is one of the few Australian-owned and independent EAP providers that offers complete Australia-wide and NZ-coverage.