Case Studies

EASA’s EAP solution works. Here are a few case studies.

NSW Department of Emergency Services

EASA’s EAP training program for the NSW Department of Emergency Services has directly reduced employee psychological issues and related claims. We have received numerous awards from the client for excellence and delivering above the terms of the agreement.

Contact 0408 861 765 for more information.

Newcastle Industry (over 300 employees)

EASA’s affiliation with this large, multi-disciplinary employer of several hundred staff has helped the organisation improve its company culture and assisted in effective recruitment and staff retention. The organisation has recorded a notable reduction in employee disengagement, absenteeism and turnover rates over the seven-year tenure of the program.

“One of the best things we did to reduce costs and increase profits in our business was to change EAP and engage EASA Employee Assistance. The difference was very noticable, I was impressed that EASA did much more than just counselling and critical incident stress management.” Neill Bell

Contact Neill on 0418 464 991 for more information.