Management Assistance

It can be challenging for people managers to juggle the priorities of the organisation with the needs of the employees they lead. EASA’s Management Assist service empowers leaders to support their teams and develop a positive, healthy and productive work environment.

To achieve this, we focus on achieving success as a leader, which includes the ability to assist others to achieve their workplace goals. Managers work with EASA mentors in one-on-one consultations and participate in ongoing development programs, helping them to address specific issues, and generally manage people more effectively in the workplace.

Managers can call on EASA for:
• managing specific workplace issues
• interpersonal and team conflict
• dealing with difficult or troubled employees
• recognising stress, emotional or mental health issues
• supporting teams though critical incidents
• improved team functioning
• general staff performance management
• leading change management
• effectively dealing with personal challenges
• enhancing people management skills
• crisis management.

Our management assistance support includes telephone support 24/7 as well as access to a range of professional development and training resources.