EAP Awareness, Education and Training

EASA’s learning and development solutions are customised for each organisation and tailored to each workplace. Whatever the opportunities – or challenges – facing your organisation, you can find all your EAP awareness, learning and development solutions at EASA.


• Program launch and advertising initiatives to motivate employees to understand and access the EAP service
• Work, health and life learning workshops to support psychological health, safety and general wellbeing
• Specialised learning programs with training topics designed to meet the specific needs of your workplace
• Workplace coaching for proactive management of workplace changes and challenges
• Flexible modular structure – organisation-wide programs, intensive training workshops, one-on-one sessions.


Evidence shows that EASA’s targeted EAP education programs:
• Improve workforce retention, engagement, and productivity
• Foster a psychologically healthy and safe workplace
• Cultivate a resilient workforce by equipping employees with the coping skills for stress, anxiety and the challenges of everyday life
• Assist staff to workplace change, work productively, and progress in their careers
• Support manager and people leader development and enhance leadership in the workplace
• Reinforce organisational values and expectations surrounding performance and behaviour
• Educate on best practice techniques that can be practically applied in the workplace.

Workplace Visits

There is a lot of research that shows that certain types of people or work cultures are more likely to seek assistance early if they are aware of the employee assistance program and have been introduced to their provider. Anecdotal and specific internal research with EASA’s employee assistance clients reports an increase in production performance and a decrease in human factor issues including absenteeism and sickness. Immediate assistance reduces time off to visit the doctor for referral to mental health support or other agencies.

Walking-the-floor and workplace visits are key to EASA’s proactive service model. For more details click here to contact us – enquirers will be referred to existing client contract managers for direct testimony and verification.


Core training topics:

• Stress Management
• Critical Incident Stress Management
• Depression and Mental Health
• Communication
• Conflict Resolution
• Building Better Teams
• Managing and Leadership.