EASA delivers one of the most effective EAP solutions to Australian business and industry because our programs are comprehensive and multi-component.

We have augmented the scope of traditional EAP services with a proactive, preventative approach. To build a culture of individual and ultimately organisational resilience, we focus on the employee – giving individuals the techniques, tools and confidence to manage their work and personal challenges.

  1. Our comprehensive employee assistance program:
    Delivers wide-ranging workplace wellbeing programs for managers, employees and their families. These programs are tailored to each workplace and focus on promoting a resilient workforce, a healthy workplace and a productive company culture, increased performance and profit.
  2. Responds to critical incidents, traumatic events and disasters. EASA’s critical incident response team works with incident managers and affected persons, providing support and trauma management services when critical events occur in the workplace or wider community.
  3. Provides professional counselling and support to employees and managers when personal issues, or workplace incidents or problems arise.
  4. Delivers training programs and support systems to managers and people leaders to help them to manage more effectively in the workplace. Managers can access coaching and mentoring, as well as seek advice and support when managing specific issues.

As an employer, do you want to:

  • Have a positive and resilient workforce
  • Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover rates
  • Reduce employee claims and health costs
  • Reduce incidents and LTI’s
  • Improve workplace and employee productivity
  • Empower and enable employees to live better
  • Be looked after as the employer.

Implement EASA’s successful EAP solution today.