Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching assists individuals to make and sustain changes to achieve their goals and improve their personal and professional lives. It can achieve significant and positive effects on a workplace, adding value to an organisation via the development of its key asset – its people.

Management Mentoring

A manager has to be many different things to many different people. EASA’s Management Mentoring is designed to help leaders develop and build upon the diverse skills needed to succeed, from communication and leadership, through team effectiveness and delegation, to workforce management. EASA’s mentors are experienced coaches, all of whom have backgrounds in personnel development and performance management. Coaching follows a programme of structured sessions tailored to meet the specific goals of each manager.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching involves facilitating a team to work together to reach a goal. In team coaching, outcomes are measurable, goals are reached and new goals set. By doing so, change is embraced, productivity rises, self-confidence improves and communication is enhanced. Team coaching normally includes team assessment, teambuilding, feedback and facilitation of meetings to resolve any issues and build trust. Team coaching can be carried out at the workplace or via off-site workshops.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching facilitates the development of an employee’s ability to make decisions and implement change to improve their life. Coaching assists them to identify and maximise their own strengths and develop the skills and strategies that enable them to manage daily challenges, and thus reduce the impact on their performance at work. Employee coaching can be delivered face-to-face or over the telephone. The coaching relationship is designed to specifically meet the needs of each individual. During regular sessions, the coach provides guidance to steer personal development and help unlock potential for continuous improvement and performance.